Explore the Mystical: Tarot Journal Available Now on Amazon

If you’re looking for a great way to keep track of your tarot readings–whether it’s your daily pull for yourself or your readings for clients–consider the new tarot journal out by our designer, P. Rob Ably.

This journal provides space for the date and time, the card deck chosen, the querent, the question, the cards drawn, your interpretation, and any other notes. Each of the 120 pages is customized to match the theme of the cover. Available now on Amazon!

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Tarot Tuesday: How to Pick a Card Deck that’s Right for You

The latest post from one of our authors, Ashley O’Melia.

Ashley O'Melia, Author

There’s an old tradition that a tarot deck must be given to you by someone else. That’s all very nice and romantic, but if I had to wait around for that to happen I never would’ve gotten any. I’m sure there are many of us who don’t even have anyone else in our lives who’s interested in tarot (or who even perhaps approves of it). So how do you get started?

For me, I picked up a set at a bookstore when I was a teenager. This was *cough cough* quite some time ago, and there were very few options for obtaining a tarot deck, so I took what I could get. I played around with it once or twice before it ended up in a box, untouched for the next twenty years.

What happened?

It just didn’t resonate with me. I looked at all this information, and I was…

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